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Vintage Hollywood, Film & Hot Lights :: Black & White Portraits

I can’t seem to get old Hollywood out of my head. I should have been born in another era. I love all the old Hollywood black & white films. I also love the vintage portraits that came out of that era. Especially, those from George Hurrell. He was THE hollywood photographer of the time. And he was amazing in everyway.

So, I was on a quest with my hot lights (and a few rented ones) to re-create a few images that I salivated over in a book I have of his. And there is no way that I could have pulled it off without the help of Bill Gray. He is the lighting king. He completely and totally understands the lighting of that era.  So, I’m grateful for his help in this.

I’m also grateful for my dear friend, Shoshana, whose features mimic those of old Hollywood and was my perfect muse.

PS.  These images were made with film on my Pentax 645.

Hot Light Portraits_0001.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0002.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0003.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0004.jpgHot Light Portraits_0006.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0005.jpg

Hot Light Portraits_0007.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0008.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0009.jpg

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