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Professional Portraits | In-Studio & On-Location

Your Professional Portrait should be a reflection of you and your personality. It is your way to connect to the outside world and potential clients. It should be more than the standard head and shoulder image we are all used to seeing.  In this modern age of connecting , you only have a select amount of time to reach your viewers and usually within 140 characters or less.  The portrait of you should speak volumes and grab attention immediately.

Our in-studio Professional Portrait sessions are 30-40 minutes in length with 2 outfit changes. We will work on a variety of poses (tight, medium, full length) that compliments your style and personality. They also include usage rights to a select amount of high-resolution, retouched digital files for use in media & marketing.

In-studio and on-location individual & group portraits are available. Create an opportunity to update current and new employee portraits.

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Photos from a corporate headshot photographer in Baltimore

What to Expect

session planning -

Bring three outfits with you (we will use two of them), bring shoes, jewelry, ties, and other accessories that will compliment what your are wearing. We may or may not use these. But, it’s good to have them. We will be photographing from top to bottom. These are professional portraits with personality. The point is to look professional and be yourself. Whatever you bring, make sure you feel great in it. As this will reflect in the images.

the session -

Once you are camera ready we will begin with a series of poses in different areas of the studio – tight, medium, and full- length, sitting, standing. I will help guide you through this. I am here to coach you into the most flattering poses, and help guide you through the entire experience. The best advice I can give you is to relax and everything will fall into place.

hair & make-up -

It is recommended to have this done professionally. I have recommendations for your. However, if you plan to do this yourself please wear make-up as you would would wear in the daytime. The point is to enhance, not cover up.

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