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Portrait Session with Modern Life Portraits at Center Stage Auction

Community Love at Center Stage

Portrait Session with Custom Wall Box Frame Available for Bidding

It’s good to give back to the community.  It makes me feel like a better citizen, a better person.  The arts are so important for my sanity.  I love live theatre and there is plenty of it here in Baltimore.  Everywhere you turn there’s a new theater popping up in Bmore with a rich culture of actors and designers helping to create a world to escape from our daily reality. I’ve seen countless shows that left me talking about it for days after.  As an artist, it helps keep me rounded and stops the tunnel vision from taking over.

Last season I donated a session to Center Stage because I’m so proud of this theater.  I’ve been blown away by the shows I’ve seen, and the acting is out of this world.  I took my son to the last show of A Civil War Christmas and after we wiped the tears away, the debuting actors made a point to say how wonderful this theater was and how proud we should feel to have something so special in our city.  I had to wipe the tears away again.

It’s true.  We should be proud of the art culture in this city. It’s unique & special & creative & forward thinking.  I’m proud to spend my money on it and reap the benefits of what I receive in return – pure love.

Center Stage has an amazing auction beginning tomorrow, with a preview of items available to see and take notes on the ones you want to bid on!  It’s for a great cause for a most beloved theater in Baltimore.  I hope you will indulge!  Click on the images to take you to this auction item and many more!


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