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Thanks so much for booking your portrait session with Modern Life Portraits!  We are very excited to make beautiful images of your life.

Below are some tips and FAQ’s to help prepare you for your session.  We have covered topics from what to wear for your session, what to do if it rains, details about our sessions and how the post session process works.  If you cant find an answer to your question we would love to discuss it with you.


Q.  How do I reserve a date and what are the payment terms for a portrait session?

A. Once you have firmed up a date and established our availability, payment in full reserves the date for you.  We handle all of our billing online (very easy) and we accept all major credit cards, except AMEX.  For orders at the viewing appointment, payment in full  is due before we can place your order.


Q.  What is your photography style?

A.  What I do is tell a story with the images I capture in an artful way.  The sessions are very organic in nature, which helps bring out the true essence of each family and client.  The sessions are fun & stress free because I don’t try to make you be something you’re not.  Who you are and how you interact with the environment & with one another is a beautiful thing.  My job is to capture that truth as art.


Q.  What type of Portrait Studio am I working with?

A.  I am a by appointment only full-service studio. I believe in offering my clients a very personalized experience.   We want you to feel comfortable & have fun.  You will be working with me,  Mary,  from start to finish. I handle all calls, inquires, shooting, editing, processing, designing of products, packaging and placing of orders.  I believe on being very hands on to keep the integrity of the relationships we have with our clients and the end products.  Some might call this being a control freak,  but I like to think of it as a complete experience.

Q.What should we wear, or bring for our session?

A. FAMILY SESSION: We suggest casual clothing, and sticking to patterns that aren’t too bold. Busy patterns can detract from your faces – and we don’t want that! The colors that everyone wears should compliment each other. But, most important is we want you to be you and feel good about it and HAVE FUN!  Bring items that will bring out your personalities.  If your kids loves hats, tutus, capes, etc… Bring them!  That could be so much fun.  If you have a special prop that is meaningful, bring it.  We’re open to the possibilities!

Also, if you will have any younger kids in this session, it’s generally a good idea to have one or two of their favorite toys or snacks on hand (hidden away in case of emergency). We don’t necessarily want these in the photos, but they help to calm the little ones down if/when they get moody during a session. But you know best – if you think having a toy/snack would hinder rather than help, skip it!  THEY CAN ALWAYS BE USED AS BLACK MAIL IN AN EMERGENCY!


  • Fashion trends come and go like Bieber’s bangs, but here are some looks sure to rock your session
  • Dark denim flatters all shapes, sizes and photographs better than distressed or light washes. Leave your torn and tattered jeans at home and choose a solid wash for a fresh, stylish look.
  • Statement jewelry can speak volumes about your personality. Go all out with a colorful necklace, chandelier earrings or stacked bangle bracelets. Worn with a simple tee or solid tank, the jewelry takes center stage.
  • It’s important to create complete, multi-piece looks for your senior pictures. When planning for your photo shoot, consider purchasing a cropped blazer to throw over pieces you already own and cuff the sleeves for a fresh, professional look that will keep
    its modern edge years after photos are taken.
  • Wicker and straw accessories are perfect for summer. Spruce up your pretty sundresses with bangle bracelets or a trendy straw fedora. These must-have accessories look adorable in photos taken on the beach, in the park or in any other outdoor setting.
  • When it comes to senior pictures, it’s always better to pack too many options than too few. Bring an elastic brown or black belt to cinch dresses and blouses that may look bulky on camera
  • A little planning is all it takes to make sure you look fabulous in photos that will act as lasting memories of your high school years. Good luck, and congratulations!
  • A few wearable ways you can prepare for a sensational session?
    We’ve got ‘em:
  • Apply makeup a bit heavier than usual, and add an extra coat of mascara to make eyes really stand out.
  • Avoid being overly tanned, sunburned, and having obvious tan lines. Those are harder to color correct and process and will cost more as a result.
  • Don’t hesitate to rock your favorite accessories and shoes. They are a fun way to show your personality.
  • If we’re shooting outdoors for part of your session, make sure to bring a friend or parent – we may need their help.
  • Vary necklines and sleeve lengths for different looks.


~ session planning ~
Get inspired in your closet and drawers. See what you have. Want something new, go shopping!  Pick items that make a statement, look terrific & make you feel great!  Jewelry, scarves, gloves, hats, shoes, dresses, jeans, his shirt, tank tops, lingerie etc.  This is most important. We’ll have about 3 or so outfit changes.  So, mix it up and be bold. Then, get more inspired with ideas from fashion magazines & lingerie magazines. Add to what you have if necessary. Got anything in your closet that you’ve always wanted to wear but never have for one reason or another?  Bring that, too!

At the studio, you’re invited to get comfortable and unpack your goodies in our lounge area and dressing area. We will begin by scanning your wardrobe so I can begin styling the shooting space to match. I have a few goodies and accessories to add to the mix,  as well! We will look through your items, and pick a few . If you want some semi-nude “in the bedsheets” images, let me know so we can reserve some time at the end.

~ the session ~
Once you are camera-ready,  We will go over all the outfits you brought and discuss any ideas that we haven’t previously pinned down.  You will change into your first outfit, and we will begin the session and have a blast!

~ i will help guide you ~
EVERY woman who comes in for a session is nervous.  EVERY SINGLE ONE!  Whether you are concerned about making the right facial expressions, or posing yourself correctly – don’t worry!  We are here to coach you into the most flatting positions, and guide you through the entire experience.  The best advice we can give you is to relax, enjoy the pampering and have a blast….we will take it from there!


Q. Can we bring our Pet?

A. We love animals, and are more than happy to photograph your pets.  If your session is being held somewhere other than at your home, please be sure that pets are allowed at your selected location.  If you have chosen to hold your session at our studio, pets are welcome if they are trained and well behaved.  If you would like to include your pet in your session, we will most likely hold the shoot outdoors on the grounds of the mill.  Of course, whether or not your session could be held outdoors would depend upon weather conditions.  If you would like to include your pet in your session, please let us know beforehand so that we can consider any additional arrangements that may be neccessary.


Q. What if it rains?

A. We like to confirm all of our sessions a few days prior to the session at which time weather concerns may be addressed.  We will do what we can to accomidate your needs given the circumstances.


Q. How does the Ordering of products process work?

A. Within 4 weeks you will be invited to view your images on the big screen at my Baltimore MD portrait studio. I will work one-on-one with you to help you decide what images and products will best fit your needs.  It’s important that the decision makers are at the session and we want you to be able to concentrate without interruptions.   At the time of your ordering appointment, we would be able show you the types of prints and various photo products we offer in-studio. The Ordering Session will generally take between 1 hour and 1.5 hours, so keep this in mind whenever you do schedule.


Q. How can we view our images following our session?

A. Your images will be uploaded on a personal online sharing gallery to view and share.  The product catalog will also be available thru this event for your convenience. This is a time for you to start planning what types of products you might be interested in and which images you you love.  We will help you finalize your favorites during your in-studio viewing appointment.


Q.  What is the turn-around time on prints and products?

A. It usually takes 4-8 weeks for orders to be processed & shipped.  We review every product once it is completed to make sure it is the highest quality before we send it out to you.


Q. Can we have the digital files?

A. Yes, the digital files are included in all the sessions.

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