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About Mary

Mary & the Baltimore Studio

Thanks so much for visiting!  I hope you enjoy the images.

I’m a of mom of two and have been documenting life stories for over 26 years, beginning as a photojournalist for publications all over the country. My vision for documenting Families, Teens, & Boudoir came from my journalistic roots of capturing real moments within the environment before me & bringing out the true essence of whomever I’m photographing.  Photojournalism also taught me the importance of connecting with my subjects from the inside out, for creating a safe & comfortable space, and building trust. I celebrate Modern Life by simply making it fun, stress free and keeping it real.  The art of what I do is in the spontaneity of the moment, the environment and most importantly, my relationship with you.

Modern Life Portraits, located in Baltimore, MD,  was created to bring a style that is simple, comfortable, and real.  The unscripted approach to photography allows your true essence to come to life in front of the camera.  That is the art in life.

The Studio :: Clipper Mill

Modern Life Portraits is housed in a gorgeous & spacious natural light studio at the Historic Clipper Mill facility in Baltimore.  Both the studio and surrounding grounds lend themselves to the varying personalities and styles that walk through its doors.

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