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Practically Perfect Pierce :: Maryland Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Sessions with Mary :: Baltimore Clipper Mill Studio

Having a new little person for the first time in your life really is the most amazing thing that could happen to you.  Newborns are so fascinating to look at & to touch.  They make us smile & scared to death.  They help us become better human beings.  They bring the reality of life to a screeching halt, making us face it head on.

I remember staring at Anael on the bed and a wave of  insecurity & panic swept over me, while I was on a total happy high.  It’s crazy what these little people do to us. And as we all know, it never stops.  Happy highs with waves of panic & insecurity.  Oh, and some frustration thrown in there. :)

Pierce, you are loved.  You’ve changed your parent’s lives.  You make us better humans.  And we’re glad you’re here with us.


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