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Kimberly & Frantz :: Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Weddings with Mary :: Baltimore

I love growing with the families I document.  It all started with Daphene & Rodney’s wedding.  Then, I photographed Daphene’s pregnancy and newborn. Then, I photographed her entire family.  And earlier this month I documented Frantz (Daphene’s younger brother) & Kimberly’s wedding.  For me, it was like a little reunion.  I’m so tickled to have witnessed another Altema family member take the leap of love.

The ceremony was held at the newly renovated Baltimore Basilica. It was gorgeous and bright.  The celebration was held down the street at the Tremont Grand Hotel in the Corinthian Room.  We were blessed with a beautiful clear day.

A special thank you to Robin Shotola for being my second set of eyes and helping me create a beautiful story of this wonderful couple. 

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