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Ellie is FIVE! :: Virginia Family Photographer

Sessions with Mary :: Virginia

They practically fit in the palm of your hands, almost weightless at birth.  You’ve counted all 10 little fingers and toes.  You stare at them in wonder, barely able to contain your joy & fear. So perfect, so tiny, so vulnerable.  You close your eyes and see their whole world in front of you.  All the possibilities come flooding in. Their past and future playing out like an 8mm home movie.  And you are committed to this tiny creature, a connection unspeakable by words.  You give all of you.  Every ounce of you to make sure they are safe, happy, healthy.  Nothing else matters.

Time continues on its path.  You live by the moments that unfold in front of you and you wish you could stop time for just a while.  Just so you can hold on to this moment a little longer.  Just so you can hold them a little longer.  Just so you can remember every little detail and nuance.

And the next thing you know, they’ve reached a life milestone.  And it boggles your mind in amazement.  Where did time go?  And you have reached a milestone, too.  You have to learn to adjust, to take a step back and watch, to give them space and room to make their own choices.  It’s so hard, even a little sad.  Yet, so satisfying and exciting.

Everything you’ve done up to this moment is to make sure they are safe, happy, healthy.  Nothing else matters.

Wishing you a Happy Milestone Laura & Todd.

And Happy 5th Birthday, Ellie!

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