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Cionne :: Virginia Children’s Photography

Sessions with Mary :: Clipper Mill Studio

Cionne is two & adorable.  She also has the energy of 3 two year-olds put together and the soul of an elder.  There was so much going on in her little mind and she liked to express it by being curious about everything around her at two second intervals.  Haha!  I was literally kept on my toes, racing around with my camera in hand.  She was up, down, all around.  I was up, down, all around.  She left with lots of energy.  I left needing to take a nap!  I wish I could box up her energy and keep it with me for ER’s.

Ode to be young again – to run around on your tippy toes with eyes wide open, curious & excited about everything.

Cheers to being two.  We all could use a little bit of that once in while.

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