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Giggles & Fingers & Toes, Oh No! :: Family Portrait Baltimore MD

Sessions with Mary :: Clipper Mill Studio :: Baltimore MD

Inside my warm and toasty natural light studio at the Clipper Mill in Baltimore you’ll find some of the cutest little nuggets.  The kind you want to eat up.  The kind that gives your heart a little tug.  The kind that make you feel all is right in the world.  You know…that kind! Yeah.

This time is was Catherine & Henry warming my little heart  Making me work it!  Giving me reasons for my profession.  Love these little people thru and thru.  They made everyone in the studio smile.  When you smile it’s a good thing.

Thank you Catherine & Henry for making my day a little brighter and more beautiful.

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Spring into Style Show :: Center Club Baltimore

Spring Into Style :: Center Club :: Baltimore, MD

This is was really fun & beautiful event hosted at the Center Club this past Sunday.  Combine a room full of entrepreneurs, some of the top boutiques in Baltimore, signature Center Club drinks, an amazing meal & dessert, a Stephanie Bradshaw Events fashion show using models & members, and you have winner!

Here’s a sneak peak for you to salivate over and put on your calendar for next year.

Find some of these items!

For Women:

Cupcake . Francesca’s Bridal . FRESH! Boutique . J.McLaughlin . Jones & Jones . L’Apparenza . The Monogram Shop . Sassanova

For Men:

Christopher Schafer Clothier & JBD Clothiers



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Film is Not Dead :: Portrait Baltimore MD

Film is Not Dead

It has been ages, years since I’ve picked up a film camera.  At the time, it was a necessary evil to transition to digital. It was the way of the future, especially for photojournalists.  I’ll never forget the first digital camera I used on assignment.  It was large, clunky, sloooowwwww, and the images were horrible.  Maybe you were able to shoot 2 frames per second, but only on a good day. I was used to film cameras shooting 6 or more frames per second.  Digital made people look jaundice and the quality of the image was inferior to a film image.  But, it didn’t matter.  What mattered was keeping up with the future and embracing it.  We’ve obviously come a looooonnnng way since I picked up one of the first digital cameras.  Digital has come into it’s own and I’ve been happy with it for the most part.  I embraced it and even changed the way I shoot.  No more surprises – hello chimping.  No more holding your breath, praying nothing happened to the film when you sent it out and that you got the shots you think you got.  I shoot way more images in a session or wedding than I ever had with film. I can honestly say I got a little lazy with digital, knowing some things could be done in post-production.  I’ve enjoyed post-production with regards to toning an image.  There are tons of really great presets to use to make your image, yes let’s admit it, mimic film and beyond.

But, I’ve had the itch lately – for the past year or so.  I’ve wanted to get back into film.  But, I’ve been scared.  Yes, scared.  Why?  Because, I’m afraid I’ve lost my touch with film.  It’s like getting back on a bike after 20 years.  I feel vulnerable.  I don’t want to FAIL!

There are so many amazing photographers still shooting film -refusing to succumb to the digital age.  I totally respect these photographers.  They produce beautiful work.  In fact, there’s been a huge resurgence of film photographers again.  And the images I see with these photographers rekindles my love for film.

So, I bought a Pentax 645 medium format camera.  To learn again, to play, to get the creative juices flowing, to see if I can still see without peaking.  I’m not replacing my digital.  Just bringing this along to shoot, too.  Why not?

So, here’s a few images I shot – straight out of camera with minor adjustments.  No filters or presets.  Just film, being film.  These aren’t Pulitzer prize winning images, not even my best work.  I’m still getting back on the bike so to speak.  And I like it.

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IngridMarch 10, 2014 - 6:21 pm

Mary, these are beautiful and soulful. I have fallen in love with film again myself and have found that I am a more conscious shooter when shooting my film cameras. Love these. She is a doll.

Child Model Headshots :: Portraits Baltimore MD

Model & Talent Portraits :: Baltimore MD :: Clipper Mill Studio

model headshot baltimore MD

I photographed Gabby when she was a little munchkin running around on the beach.  She was irresistibly adorable then.  Now, at eight years old, that adorable is turning heads as she works her way into modeling & talent.  She’s also been in pageants, receiving accolades for her charm & style.  She came into my Baltimore MD portrait studio with her mom to update her headshot and show off her pageant gown.

If you are interested in getting your child into modeling and talent, there is so much time & effort that goes into this endeavor.  It’s not easy.  Lots to think about & to prepare for.  It is truly a huge commitment for the parents and the child.  While it can be fun & interesting, it’s also challenging & emotional at times.  Gabby has got what it takes and the desire to do what’s necessary to get to the next level.  As I reflect a bit, I’m sure this is what commitment young actors make for the craft.

We had so much fun and she’s amazing to work with. I learned so much about what agencies are looking for in a model & talent headshot.  There’s definitely a guide to follow to maximize the look of each young talent.

Kudos to you, Gabby, for all your hard work and super smiles.

model headshot baltimore MDmodel headshot baltimore MD

model headshot baltimore MD

model headshot baltimore MDmodel headshot baltimore MD

model headshot baltimore MD

model headshot baltimore MD


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