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Professional Portraits | Baltimore MD

Family Portrait Photographer in Baltimore, MD

Professional Portraits & Headshots | In-Studio & On-Location

Your Professional Portrait should be a reflection of you and your personality. It is your way to connect to the outside world and potential clients. While the standard head & shoulder image is important for some situations,  it should not be the only professional portrait you have.  In this modern age of connecting , you only have a select amount of time to reach your viewers and usually within 140 characters or less.  The portrait of you should speak volumes about you and grab attention immediately.  Let’s face it, that’s about how much time you have to make an impact.

Corporate & Model portrait sessions are held both in my natural light studio located at the Clipper Mill in Baltimore MD or at your business location. Create a set of images with a variety of looks & poses. Individual & group portraits are available on-site at your business, as well.

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Tulips, Trees & Family Lovin’ | Family Portrait Baltimore MD

Sessions with Mary | Baltimore MD

Given the loads of rain we’ve been getting these past couple of months, I’m feeling very lucky to have had a little sun at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore the day of our sessions.  The colors were bright & cheerful and the the kids were happy & content.  If you’ve been to the park for the tulips, you also know that it’s a bit hectic and sometimes a race for your own personal tulip bed for a few minutes.  But, it’s so worth it.  It’s a lovely park and the kids love the abundance of colors and the awe of so many flowers.

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Portraits with the Pentax | Family Portrait Maryland

Sessions with Mary :: Clipper Mill Studio

I had a session in the studio recently and thought I’d snap a few with my Pentax 645 film camera for fun.  It’s a whole different ball of wax with a manual focus lens.  I have to slowwww down and be much more thoughtful.  I have to think and devise and intuit a little bit more.  Even then I may miss the moment, which is gut wrenching.  But, a former photo editor used to use football analogies when I was kicking myself about missing a moment.  Sighting that even the greatest players in the league missed key plays at important moments – they learn from it and move on.

It’s back to Photo 101 with the 645.  But, I like that. It keeps me real.

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Fabulous Fridays in Sherwood Gardens | Family Portrait MD

Fabulous Friday | Sessions with Mary

Finally, it’s officially Spring.  I took my daughter for a lovely walk in Druid Hill Park yesterday and we climbed a tree, walked around the reservoir, and took in fresh air.  It was soooo nice. I so enjoy these moments with my daughter.  It’s special & intimate.  Nothing fancy, just time with my girl.


And it got me thinking about this month’s Fabulous Friday sessions.  I want to go outside, feel the grass between my toes, smell pretty things, and do portraits.

Click on the image below for all the info you need!  Or click HERE!

I hope you can come join me!

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