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Vintage Romantic Inspired Wedding :: Baltimore Maryland Wedding Photographer

Lindsey & Opher have lived oceans apart practically until their wedding day. That distance was no deterent to keep their bond growing and florishing. From afar they planned, with Plan It Perfect Events,  their perfect wedding day to be held at The Engineers Club. Lindsey knew exactly what she wanted – a vintage, romantic setting of years gone by, while incorportating their international travels. It was beautiful in every way.

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0001.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0002.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0003.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0004.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0005.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0006.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0007.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0008.jpgBaltimore Maryland Wedding_0012.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0009.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0010.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0011.jpg

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0013.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0014.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0015.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0016.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0017.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0018.jpgBaltimore Maryland Wedding_0020.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0019.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0023.jpgBaltimore Maryland Wedding_0024.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0021.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0022.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0025.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0026.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0027.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0028.jpg

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0034.jpg

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0036.jpg

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0030.jpg

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0032.jpg

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0031.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0035.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0037.jpg
Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0038.jpg

Baltimore Maryland Wedding_0029.jpg

Wedding Details:

Venue & Caterer : The Engineers Club

Coordinator: :: Rachel Hoffberger

Florist: Crimson & Clover

Dress: Dennis Basso

Cake: Baltimore Cakery

Reception Music: Onyx

Invitations: Jenifer Sirkis Designs

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Vintage Hollywood, Film & Hot Lights :: Black & White Portraits

I can’t seem to get old Hollywood out of my head. I should have been born in another era. I love all the old Hollywood black & white films. I also love the vintage portraits that came out of that era. Especially, those from George Hurrell. He was THE hollywood photographer of the time. And he was amazing in everyway.

So, I was on a quest with my hot lights (and a few rented ones) to re-create a few images that I salivated over in a book I have of his. And there is no way that I could have pulled it off without the help of Bill Gray. He is the lighting king. He completely and totally understands the lighting of that era.  So, I’m grateful for his help in this.

I’m also grateful for my dear friend, Shoshana, whose features mimic those of old Hollywood and was my perfect muse.

PS.  These images were made with film on my Pentax 645.

Hot Light Portraits_0001.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0002.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0003.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0004.jpgHot Light Portraits_0006.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0005.jpg

Hot Light Portraits_0007.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0008.jpg
Hot Light Portraits_0009.jpg

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Baby Valerie is Full of Personality :: Maryland Newborn Photogragher

Sometimes these little newborns are quiet, still and sleep most of the time – not a peep. Sometimes they let it belt out that they are not interested in being photographed – at least not on that given day. And sometimes they are full of personality and totally aware of their world – bonus! This session with little Valerie (how often do you hear this name… not since the 70’s for me) was the bonus. She slept for a very short time.  And then, presto, she was wide a awake. She loved being awake and aware. And I must admit, she was smitten with me. We totally bonded & connected. And she smiled – a lot! This doesn’t happen very often with newbies. They just don’t know how to use that muscle. It’s more of an unconscious muscle movement. But, not Valerie. She was in total control. And we all melted.

Kristin & Paul, you have yourselves a very special & sweet little girl. Congrats on your first. And thanks for sharing her with MLP! What a treat.

Maryland Newborn Photographer_0001.jpg

Maryland Newborn Photographer_0002.jpg

Maryland Newborn Photographer_0006.jpg

Maryland Newborn Photographer_0003.jpg
Maryland Newborn Photographer_0004.jpg
Maryland Newborn Photographer_0005.jpg
Maryland Newborn Photographer_0008.jpg
Maryland Newborn Photographer_0007.jpg

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Olivia Shares Her Love of Fashion :: Maryland HS Senior Photographer

When Olivia isn’t pole vaulting to new heights on the Franklin High School track & field team, she’s hanging with her friends and loving life. For this session, Liv wanted to share her love of fashion & style – Liv Style. And it showed. She’s a natural. So, look out. This fashion loving athlete has her eye on the 2016 Olympics in pole vaulting and we may see her soaring with our own eyes!

High School Senior Maryland_0001.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0002.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0003.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0004.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0005.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0006.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0007.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0008.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0009.jpg
High School Senior Maryland_0010.jpg

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Beth GruverJuly 24, 2014 - 3:03 pm

These photos are gorgeous!! Love every single one of them!