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Mom’s Night Out :: Baltimore Maryland Event

Community Partnership with Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA)

Mom’s Night Out :: Come Join Us

Need a little break?  Come join other Moms for a night out at Brio Tuscan Grille with mom blogger (cool) Progeny & DBFA.  I’ll be giving away somethin’ special just for mom’s.  I love these sort of events.  There’s always so many amazing women to meet!  RSVP:

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Baltimore Museum of Industry Engagement Session :: Prong & Todd

Engagement Sessions with Mary :: Baltimore, Maryland

We finally made it after a mile walk to our final engagement session destination of The Baltimore Museum of Industry.  Why, you ask?  Because there was a race going on and we literally could not get to where we needed to go.  So, we parked (I ended up getting a ticket…grrrrr) and walked.  If you know me, you know that I will make you stop along the way if the creative juices tell me so.  And they did.  And we did.  You can’t go wrong at the BMI, it is a wealth of cool backdrops & settings for engagement sessions.  They’ve done a few renovations and it looks a little different.  I did tear up when I realized the telephone booth was gone.  Sad, very sad.  But, everything else was primo!  And we had a great time.

Here’s a sneak peak with Prong & Todd.  I’ll be photographing their wedding at The Baltimore Aquarium in October.


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Smilin’ Gabby :: Washington DC Family Photography

Sessions with Mary :: Baltimore Clipper Mill

Gabby is the smilin’ist baby I have ever met.  She was just happy through and through.  I think if I would have pinched her, she would have smiled through that too (course I would never do that…but you get my point).  Even her parents are a bit surprised by her good nature.  They say she’s like this all the time.

It got me thinking about my own childhood through my mom’s eyes.  As she so elegantly put it, “Chris (that’s my family nickname), you were a pain in the ….”   I compare it to my own daughter who is so good.  I’m mean it.  She’s a good girl.  I question if she really came from me (my mom does, too).  I just think these beautiful creatures we raise with blood, sweat & tears are born with their personalities in tact and we help provide the protection, encouragement, & love to allow them to flourish.

So, here’s Gabby  – all smiles – with happy parents in tow.

See what I mean?

Model moment

I LOVE this image.  So much joy!

It’s all Mama lovin’

My normal obsession with adorable toes.

Beautiful family.

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