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Ann & Josh :: Oregon Wedding at the Octagonal Barn

Weddings with Mary :: Portland, Oregon

When Ann & Josh asked me to document their wedding I was so honored.  Not because I love documenting weddings (which I do), but because Ann was an employee at the time (when I was co-owner of Love Life Images, Inc.) and trusted me enough to be her photographer.  Ann is a photographer herself.  And if you are a photographer, you know how unnerving that can be to photograph a photographer. Of course, you love this person because she’s been with you through thick and thin helping to run a studio.  And when it’s a wedding…  It’s enough to make you break out in a sweat.  You imagine there are even higher expectations and, well, you don’t want to screw up!

The added plus was that I would be traveling to their new home in Oregon to document the wedding at the beautiful venue Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Octagonal Barn.  And my husband, David, would be presiding over the ceremony for them.  So, we made a little mini vacation out of it and enjoyed the beauty of Oregon while we were there.

One thing should be noted.  This is a total DIY wedding down to every little detail.  Ann, designed & made all of the details you’ll see throughout this post.  They are amazing and so unique.  I think it made this intimate gathering that much more special.

Ann & Josh, I miss you and wish you mounds of happiness and success in your new home.  You will be seeing me again because I don’t think I can stay away from Oregon for too long.

Slideshow is loading!  Enjoy.

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Spa Day For Survivors :: Maryland Family Photographer

Community Partnerships :: SparTea

Mommy & Me Spa Day for Breast Cancer Survivors

Sarita Oaks-Murray, founder of SparTea – a party spa for pint size girls, is an amazing woman in so many ways.  She’s a mom of four kids, business owner/entrepreneur, friend to many, and a 10-year breast cancer survivor.  Ever since she was diagnosed it was her goal to make breast cancer awareness a household name.  She started Blink Pink in 2009, a non profit organization that celebrates those who have survived breast cancer, educates through health and wellness, and supports and provides resources for women who have been diagnosed and are going through breast cancer.

This past weekend she hosted her Annual Blink Pink Event to honor survivors with a fundraising celebration at the Tremont Grand and the next day offered a Spa Day at SparTea for Mom survivors and their daughters.

I’ll have images from the Tremont event coming soon, but I wanted to share these sweet, sweet images from the Spa Day.  I couldn’t stay long, but I was lucky enough to meet three amazing moms who are recent survivors.   To see them with their daughters smiling and having fun gave me goose bumps.  It’s one of those wake-up calls that everyone needs in life  – put that phone down and get up from your computer and take a reality pill.  Life is precious and fleeting.  We never know when or what form that bump in the road will lead to.

I feel so blessed to have meet these moms, so strong with a goal to live.  And when you take a look into their children’s eyes.  I mean really look, you see how grateful they are that there mom is sitting next to them.  I know their families have been through hell and back.  But, now they are living to live.  And so should we!

Here’s a sneak peak from Saturday

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Little Julianna :: Virgina Family Photographer

Sessions with Mary :: Clipper Mill Studio Location

Little Julianna is on a mission to see as much of the world as she can.  She’s got no time to sit around and twiddle her thumbs.  She’s a doer.  A mover. A shaker.  And there will be no stopping her.  I just love independent girls.  My mom said I was the same way.  No time to sit – I had to discover.  Period.

I think I got a little taste of me during this session.  Because I didn’t stop chasing her for the entire shoot.  Haha!

Here’s a little taste of the session.  Catch her if you can!

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