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Kris & Marcus :: Washington DC Wedding

Weddings with Mary :: Washington, DC

One of Euclid’s 10 Axioms states the following: Things which are equal to the same thing are also equal to one another.

I’ve heard this twice in the past two days.  The first was quoted during the film, Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis), while toying with the idea to negotiate with the South to end the war before the vote on the 13th Amendment.  It helped remind him to stay on his original course to free slaves in pursuit of equality without negotiation.  I read it again today in response to an article on the Supreme Court hearing on Marriage Equality.

I am witness first hand to the underlying meaning of Euclid’s statement as I documented the marriage of Marcus & Kris.  These two men are absolutely meant for each other.  They love each other.  I keep hearing the little statements in my head that I heard in passing throughout the day  – “Don’t let go of my hand”, “I never want you to go away”,  “I love you”, “I’m so happy”…

They are two human beings who found each other, fell in love, wanted to get married before family, friends, and the Torah.  They want to have a family and raise kids.   It’s so simple, so pure, so real.  They are good people through and through. Why shouldn’t they be afforded the same rights, like heterosexual couples who marry.

These images are about a genuine love between two humans shared with their family & friends.  They hold hands tight as they move forward in their life, their future, their desires & goals together. It was an emotional day for everyone. So many happy tears (even from me).

Upon reading a letter from his Grandfather who had written a note to Kris & Marcus on his deathbed over a year ago.

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Colt & His Football :: Maryland Family Portrait Photographer

Sessions with Mary :: Clipper Mill Studio


This is Colt….and his football.  His parents came for the ride.  After a while of him warming up to the idea that his parents, Erin & Nathan, were NOT leaving him with me and going away forever, he started to let loose and have fun.  Of course, his football had to be a part of the shoot.  I even had to use it for a little photo black mailing (i.e. balancing it on my head).  The things we do….

Instructions on how to throw the football

Before football & after football – note change in personality

Football on my head and above his head…

No football necessary  – just kisses

Football hiding under sweater – off playing football while parents snuggle

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Kai & Beau :: Maryland Family Portrait Photographer

Sessions with Mary :: Clipper Mill Studio


There’s a lot of emotions that can occur during a portrait session with kids.  It’s what I love about them so much.  Kids are real to the core.  They don’t mask or hide behind emotions.  If they’re mad, they show it. If they’re sad, they show it.  If they’re shy, they show it.  If they’re happy, they show it.  Us adults should learn a thing or two .  Honestly, this is a dream session for me – the real raw truth revealed!

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