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Kimberly & Frantz :: Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Weddings with Mary :: Baltimore

I love growing with the families I document.  It all started with Daphene & Rodney’s wedding.  Then, I photographed Daphene’s pregnancy and newborn. Then, I photographed her entire family.  And earlier this month I documented Frantz (Daphene’s younger brother) & Kimberly’s wedding.  For me, it was like a little reunion.  I’m so tickled to have witnessed another Altema family member take the leap of love.

The ceremony was held at the newly renovated Baltimore Basilica. It was gorgeous and bright.  The celebration was held down the street at the Tremont Grand Hotel in the Corinthian Room.  We were blessed with a beautiful clear day.

A special thank you to Robin Shotola for being my second set of eyes and helping me create a beautiful story of this wonderful couple. 

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Jackie: Modern Glamour Portraits Maryland

Elle Moderne :: Modern Glamour For Her

These images are from the second half of the session I did with Nicole’s sister, Jackie.  The sessions are geared around photographing two people during each session.  A girl’s day out, if you will!  Following our session the two sisters went out for a spa day.

For more information on sessions, please email me

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Nicole :: Modern Glamour Portraits Maryland

ElleModerne :: Modern Glamour for Her

Photography is an ever changing, ever evolving genre. Blink and you may have missed something or someone that’s pushed the genre to a new level.  It’s important to reach out, push oneself and do something new (even if it’s a complete failure).  While this new endeavor is in no way, shape or form something new in genre – it’s new to me.  And there is much more I’d like to discover with it.

What is ElleModerne, anyway? It is a state of mind – the desire to release, to embrace, to challenge, and love yourself now.  It is a celebration of all our attributes.  It doesn’t matter how old we are or how curvy we are.  We are sisters, moms, aunts, grandparents, friends, lovers.  We kiss boo boos and run businesses.  We fight for rights and cures for breast cancer. We shop & love to have a good time. We are connected deeply. We have so much to give.

I thank my beautiful muses, Nicole and her sister Jackie (those images coming next) for allowing me the opportunity to play, learn, & create.  Also, a big hug and a kiss to  Amie Decker Beauty for her  artistry.  You helped me make Nicole & Jackie feel beautiful!

If you have any interest in sessions, please inquire  I’d love to hear from you.

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eileenApril 17, 2013 - 7:35 pm

Gorgeous! Well done. Sign me up!!!

Cionne :: Virginia Children’s Photography

Sessions with Mary :: Clipper Mill Studio

Cionne is two & adorable.  She also has the energy of 3 two year-olds put together and the soul of an elder.  There was so much going on in her little mind and she liked to express it by being curious about everything around her at two second intervals.  Haha!  I was literally kept on my toes, racing around with my camera in hand.  She was up, down, all around.  I was up, down, all around.  She left with lots of energy.  I left needing to take a nap!  I wish I could box up her energy and keep it with me for ER’s.

Ode to be young again – to run around on your tippy toes with eyes wide open, curious & excited about everything.

Cheers to being two.  We all could use a little bit of that once in while.

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