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Baby Valerie is Full of Personality :: Maryland Newborn Photogragher

Sometimes these little newborns are quiet, still and sleep most of the time – not a peep. Sometimes they let it belt out that they are not interested in being photographed – at least not on that given day. And sometimes they are full of personality and totally aware of their world – bonus! This session with little Valerie (how often do you hear this name… not since the 70’s for me) was the bonus. She slept for a very short time.  And then, presto, she was wide a awake. She loved being awake and aware. And I must admit, she was smitten with me. We totally bonded & connected. And she smiled – a lot! This doesn’t happen very often with newbies. They just don’t know how to use that muscle. It’s more of an unconscious muscle movement. But, not Valerie. She was in total control. And we all melted.

Kristin & Paul, you have yourselves a very special & sweet little girl. Congrats on your first. And thanks for sharing her with MLP! What a treat.

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